Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Roundup

I've done a pitiful job of updating my blog this month, so I will end the month with a roundup post.

Braeden's show at The Waldo opens this weekend, so it is a very busy time in his theater life. He is also working on a play at school. I'm not sure if he is fully done sailing for fall, but here is a picture of the last time he went. If you have good eyes, he is in a black hoodie and a red life vest.

He got to meet gold-medal winner Anna Goodale, in women's eight, at school last Tuesday. She graduated from Riley and her younger sisters still go to school there. Braeden was pretty excited about touching a gold medal!

Thane gets a chance to be in a show too . . . a horse show! It's an exhibition at the end of the season so riders can show friends and family what they learned. I wish Thane would have a bit more of an audience, but it will probably be when Kim is working. I'm just glad Braeden's show is in the evening so he can go!

Thane had his IEP last Friday and all went well. We lost our social worker, who has been a wonderful support to us over the years, but we're in such a good place with Thaney that hopefully someone else will find themselves happy to find her support. He is doing really well in so many areas. We are seeing some renewed signs of stress and anxiety with him, though, so we'll focus on that for a bit.

Dave accompanied Thane on a school field trip to the apple orchard. Thane had a great time and took a bite out of ever single apple he picked within 24 hours of bringing them home. He was too cute to stop and one can use the rest for other things.

Dave's job is usually pretty dull, but there was a protest outside his office building yesterday that ended with a big show of police officers and finally four arrests. They were protesting a development in the Moosehead Lake region. I can't say I disagree with the protesters, but in most states big business wins. Environmental protection in Maine is a bit of a joke.

As for me, I actually won something. I had purchased something at Karen Thomas Designs and then posted to the nice group on Lampwork, etc. and ended up winning a $25 gift certificate. It was actually more than $25 because I also got free shipping. It was the kind of shopping experience I adore . . . I got to pick stuff that I could have fun playing with, and not have to pay a thing. Perfection!

Friday, September 05, 2008


I was rather excited to see this picture in Thane's cubby today. I asked if he drew it and was told he did -- though it was very difficult. The ability to hold and control a pen, pencil, crayon, marker, paintbrush, etc., continues to be a big challenge for Thane . . . so this is fabulous!

Monday, September 01, 2008

A Classic Family Portait

I must have mellowed a lot over the years. Instead of feeling frustrated, I find this kind of cute.

Before Dave showed up, I had the brother's pose together more successfully.


Here it is September 1 and it is the first time I have actually seen a hummingbird at our backyard feeder. It's a lousy photo with a pocket camera, but I'll post it anyway.