Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Merle the Squirrel

I just wanted to share the first piece of the Squirrelly award with anyone who might actually read this blog. I thought it was kind of funny . . . and Merle actually likes peanuts, so I had to buy a copy for both list friends who guessed that we would catch 10 flying squirrels by Valentine's Day.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


This is one of those things that I want to say, but have no idea who my audience should be . . .

Thane showed fear today! That may not seem like a big deal, but for a child who would just walk into the ocean or to the edge of a cliff, it was actually calming for my husband and I to see this today.

Dave and Thane were playing, and Thane ended up upside down with Dave holding his ankles. Thane look terrified and immediately wanted to right himself. This from a kid who likes to be tipped partially over to help him calm down. Maybe he will start to show some caution and we won't have to worry as much.

Thane also showed some anger today, which is something else I am not used to seeing in this form. He tantrums and throws himself at things, but this was different. I got a look that was like he was throwing daggers at me accompanied by those words any mother dreads hearing "Don't love you!" He was mad because I said he could not have any more candy. I said he had enough, I love him, but no more. So his reponse was that he didn't love me. Ouch! Combined with the look, I really did feel upset . . . though I guess I shouldn't have shown that.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I can't resist posting this picture of Thane at his most charming. He's getting good use of his trampoline in the living room!

Monday, February 05, 2007

2 for 1

"Hey dude, look! There´s a big glob of peanut butter inside that shiny box."

"Uh, I dunno dude . . . I´ve seen some friends get in there and not got out. Then . . . uh . . . then . . . then they d-dis-DISAPPEAR!"

"Yeah dude, I know what you´re saying. Maybe if we go in together - as a team - we´ll be okay . . ."

"For the love of peanut butter, dude, let´s do it!"

Flying squirrels number 7 and 8 now reside across the Kennebec in Augusta somewhere 30 or so miles from my kitchen.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Taking Prisoners

The night before last, I thought I saw something run through the kitchen. Dave wanted to know if I was sure, and I said no . . . it could have been my hair in my eyes as it was getting too long. Sure enough, a quiet little flying squirrel fell pray to one of our traps. It was transported roughly seven miles away. Not as much humor involved in this one.

Last night Dave heard another one in the kitchen and he was pretty annoyed. It is getting ridiculous – how many squirrels can we have here?

This morning, four and five were imprisoned after being enticed by the smell of peanut butter. For the longest time, we didn’t have peanut butter in the house. Should I blame Shaw’s for having a 3 for $5 sale to draw these critters in to my home?

After photographing the cute but pesky squirrels, we transported them about 40 miles away, over at least three good-sized rivers, maybe four. Maybe we should start painting toe nails or something to see if they are actually making back from their humane drop off spots. Is this what we get for having a heart?!?

"What happened to a fair trial?"

"I just wanted peanut butter!"

"Did you fail to notice? I'm cute!!!"

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Mocking Squirrel

The squirrel saga continues . . .

Dave returned home from transporting the squirrel across the river, through the woods, and into another town . . . He came into my office to tell his story, standing in front of a floor lamp that seemed to make him glow. Me, being me, could just envision how the man would look were he able to spread a glorious plume of feathers in the manner of a male peacock.

I told him of my post - he said it really wasn't funny . . . The traps were $104 with tax!

He sat on his laurels for a moment before heading into the kitchen. There on his favorite appliance - the television - sat the Mocking Squirrel! It looked at him as if trying to explain both that he, the human, caught the wrong squirrel . . . And he, the mocking squirrel, knew that I had purchased 6 jars of peanut butter
at the sale price of 3 for $5!

After the water pipe fiasco, annoyed human isn't sure what to do. He was so sure - being a logical engineer and all - that there could only be one . . . Untilthere were two . . . But WAAAAAH!!!!!!!!! Three!?!

Enter mocking almost-nine-year-old. "BOO!" Shouts Braeden as he jumps and throws his hand out toward mocking squirrel - who dashes into the living room and up the chimney. "See Dad? It's cool - they scare really easy!"

Me, being me, looks at the face of the adult male who is obviously trying harder than usual not to blow a fuse. I can envision the steam escaping from his ears so he won't explode, then forming a cartoon thought bubble over his head filled with symbolic censorship "@+!@#@@!!!"

With a big sigh, and peacock plumage totally retracted, adult male heads out into the cold to retrieve the "lucky" trap that caught flying squirrel #2.

A third peanut butter loving flying squirrel was caught and transported to the state capital where Dave works - released into the arboretum. Again, the practical engineer feels he has removed the last one, but I won't be surprised if the mocking squirrel is really still in the house.

Who will win? Man or rodent? You know, those little critters can be kind of squirrelly, LOL!