Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Pictures

It is always hard to pick a few photos to post. I got the video up fast figuring it was timely, but took a few days to decide what to post for stills. These are some of my favorites. I loved Braeden's expressions and I felt like I caught a moment with Thane's Handy Manny radio (he played with it half the day, too) as his happiness was clearly visible. It was a good day, even if we were all too tired.

I guess I should mention that the night before Christmas we all headed upstairs to watch Rudolf. Thaney couldn't sleep until about 1:30 a.m. It is the first year he really has a solid grasp of Christmas, so every tree branch brushing the roof had him asking if Santa was here yet, or if the reindeer were on the roof. It was cute, but I was worried he would go down and open everything all by himself.

Then after he was safely asleep, Braeden woke up . . . and noticed Dad wasn't upstairs. So we talked and talked about things, including the mystery of Santa. Dave came up and explained that the ice backup was making rain come into the sunroom again, so he was downstairs sopping up water and drying furniture, plus he went out to rake the roof. It was after 4 by the time Braeden was asleep. We woke them up at around 10 or 10:30 a.m. and they were both pretty sleepy. Dave and I were doing better, but Dave ended up sleeping a bit in the afternoon. That seems like a holiday tradition!

Thane spots Rocket right away!

Braeden checks out his new kicksled.

Thane hides in protest to something said.

I love the eyes!

Thane examines a gift.

A smile emerges as he figures out what it is.

Complete glee down to his toes!

Braeden hunting behind the tree.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Feliz Navidad!

Please check this out . . . it's a very cute!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let it Snow!

Happy Hanukkah! Happy Winter Solstice! It is snowing here, and seems like it will be snowing off an on through Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thane's 5th Birthday

One of Thane's big requests for his birthday was balloons.

Every time he got one, he wanted one more!

He took to jumping on the couch

We went for a small gluten-free Rocket cake.

I like this picture of him peeking through a box.

He had fun with the piƱata!

Thane flying a shuttle around.

In the end, it probably was for the best to just have a party at home with the four of us and Misty -- she got a treat bag with jerky in it, so she was pretty happy. It still feels somehow off to me, but he got what he wanted and seemed very pleased. It was certainly easier than having a big shindig, and he didn't meltdown once.

I've had some of those wistful moments thinking that he is already five. My baby is FIVE! I think back to the baby who was born earlier than I planned, didn't want to grow, slept and fussed . . . all the puke, the rashes, constant running nose, and never having a solid poop until he was gluten-free. The temper tantrums where he would throw himself backward and smash his head.

The toddler who would learn a new word and then lose another, and how it angered him so much when we tried to push him to speak. Now he speaks pretty well and even sings louder than his classmates. I love his little stories and his little voice. Every child deserves a voice and I am so glad he found his. He has made me laugh and smile so many times. I remember worrying he'd never really speak, and now I can't imagine what it would be like if he didn't.

The boy who never blew raspberries, never gave kisses, never said mama until he was almost three, and now he can do all of those things . . . and even chooses to do them. He is such a little lovey. He greets his teachers with hugs and he is just so sweet. I still worry some about his future, but for the most part I am so impressed with him and how far he has come. He is so determined and strong for such a small little guy. A lot of these things haven't come easily to him, but he's made it happen. He's such a treasure.

Happy 5th Birthday, Thane! My little lovey!

King for a Day

Thane got to be King for a Day on Wednesday as he celebrated turning 5 years old. It is so hard to believe he is five already!

One of their traditions is to make a crown and the child can help decorate it with one of the teachers. Above is a picture the teachers sent me from school. He was very happy with his birthday celebration at school, and from one of the other pictures it looked like all the kids enjoyed their gluten-free cupcakes.

I had Thaney pose at home with crown too. I call this one King in a Swing.

Santa at Preschool

It has been crazy busy around here – probably everyone else, too!

Let me start my catching up by showing Thane’s visit with Santa today. Santa Claus visited his preschool today. The children sang for him and Thane was too cute. He sings at the top of his lungs. It’s charming in a goofy kind of way, and it makes everyone smile. He was in the front row too, which was a bit of a surprise to me.

I wasn’t sure if I should go as I haven’t been feeling well this week and I knew I couldn’t stand through kids singing and visiting Santa. Dave was kind of enough to talk to teachers and make sure they reserved a chair for me.

Both of the older classes were in the studio for the party, so it looked like 20 kids, perhaps more. Thane was the second one to go see Santa. He cheerfully sat on Santa’s lap. He said he has been good this year and asked for a ball (and people think I am kidding when I say just about any boy is happy to get a ball, or several, as a gift). He was given a present there, a book. All the kids brought in a wrapped book to be handed out as presents for the kids – I thought that was a great idea.

As soon as Thane looked up, he saw me. He had to point me out to Santa, who waved and Thane was entranced by the bells on his wrist.

He got his book, ran to hug me, unwrap it, and immediately ask if he could go home. That’s Thane – when he’s done his part, he’s done with it all. I suggested he sit, so he sat down and read his book through. Then he went up in between kids to thank Santa, which I think Santa thought was cute.

But then Thane came back and again asked to go home. I was starting to feel two things – the seat of the old chair underneath my big butt starting to crack, probably because I had to perch on it in a strange way, and that Thane was behaving differently from other kids. The other children would go back and rejoin their group, but Thane was really feeling that I was there and it was time to go. Thane went to talk to Santa a third time and I heard him suggest in a very jovial way that Thane should allow other children a turn.

I looked at the treat table and realized there was nothing there he could have if I dared stay perched on that chair, and he asked four times to go home. He looked disheveled and very tired, and it sounded as if he was cranky in the classroom before the party. I asked if it was okay to just take him, and was told it was.

One of the teachers was very sweet – they all are, really, but this one really goes out of her way for me without making me feel like the problem I feel like I am. She got Thaney’s bag from the other building and brought them to the car. I told her that I broke the chair she reserved for me and she didn’t miss a beat, she was very sweet about it. I asked if she could please remove it before someone actually got hurt on it. Sigh. Preschool’s just don’t tend to have furniture built for very large people. I’m just glad I got to tell her and that she was nice about it.

So I have some mixed feelings about the day and the visit to school. It is clear to me that Thane thinks of me as his ticket home, so he doesn’t really want me to be there for another reason. I was really stressed about going because I just haven’t been well this week, but I didn’t want to miss him seeing Santa. In a weird way, I feel like I handled it okay, even if it was one of those events that I dread. A friend of mine actually shattered a chair recently and I was so impressed with her for just thinking it was hilarious. He was thrilled to see me there and to share his book with me, but I feel like I cut his party short. He did come home and have an upset tummy, though, so I am sure it is better that he didn’t stay in the same room with all those cookies and such.

I made up cards for the teachers and gave them each a beaded bookmark as Thane likes to help me with those. It feels like rather little in comparison to what these teachers do for and with Thane, but there were also seven of them to give gifts to today!