Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dressing Funny

Anyone who reads this blog probably realizes that I find Thane rather charming. Last night I decided to change into my nightgown, but decided I was too cold to remove my pants after I made the upper half switch. I figured it was no big deal. I walked into the living room where Thane was playing on his Nintendo DS and he looks at me and says “Something’s not right! You’re wearing pants, but that’s not a shirt!” I had to agree with him.

You know what is really wonderful? He can make a statement like that, laugh about how silly I am, and not let it really rock his world the way it might have in the past. A year ago I bet I would have given in about the pants and grabbed a blanket instead because he would cry and tantrum because what I was doing was “wrong.” Now he is starting to just laugh at my silliness and enjoy the fact that Mama’s goofy.


Melissa R said...

Silly mommies, what could be better? How nice that Thane can appreciate your funny without it hurting his heart or head.

Kimberly said...

That's so wonderful Bec. :)