Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ten years, 10 months, and 10 days . . . that's how long I have been a mom. It is hard to believe that Braeden will be eleven soon, and that Thane is the same age Braeden was when we told him there was going to going to a baby brother. I really worried about the age difference between them, but they are pretty close and genuinely love each other, and even like each other too.

I think I should have stepped up to the plate and moved away from carpooling to school awhile ago. It is so much better for Braeden, and when things are better for him they are generally better for me as well. He is just so much more relaxed and upbeat. He often sleeps in the car, but he has always been like that. It just seems like there is much less time until he is relaxed and ready to go about the things he needs to do to help out around here.

I laughed this morning because there are some frost heaves from which it really feel like the minivan is going to take flight.

Braeden said, “That was fun! Let’s do it again!”

Thane had a different response yesterday to the same frost heave,“¡Cuidado, Mama! ¡CUIDADO! That means WATCH OUT!” he went on to tell me that he would keep an eye out and yell “¡Cuidado!” when he saw heaves coming. He did it for about 10 minutes, then relaxed and fell asleep in the car. I picked up Braeden, who also went to sleep in the car, and we had a very quiet ride home (where I fell asleep in a recliner!).

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