Friday, June 19, 2009

Thane's Preschool Graduation

Thane graduated from Coastal Kids Preschool this morning. He was cheerful, but overwhelmed. I felt kind of bad for him since he was really excited and proud, but lots of people, lots of noise, lots of flashes going off. He needed support, but he did pretty well considering . . . and he looked cute!

Walking in . . .

Getting nervous, starting to hide behind sleeve.

Needing support from Miss Laurie.

Off with his hat and trying to be calm.

Getting his diploma from Miss Priscilla.

The diploma made him look proud!

And happy!

It's hard to capture in a still image, but he was waving it around and then doing visual stims with his diploma.

Here's the diploma!


Anonymous said...

As always, he is absolutely adorable! He is just beaming with excitement in these photos!!

Heather said...

just too cute!! he looks sooo proud! way to go Thane!