Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cute Kids

I picked up Thane from school and he actually told me what he did today -- he said and signed "Book. Read." One of the teachers was outside so I asked if he read today and sure enough he did. I'm so proud of the little guy for all the progress he is making, especially since he is just recovering from a recent "glutamination."

I got a cute picture of my boys today . . . perhaps as cute as the picture is the fact that Braeden was sitting on the floor in my office talking to me about his day when Thane came in, looked at his big brother, and said, "Oh, a chair!" and sat right down in Braeden's lap. I reached into my drawer, pulled out a camera and snapped this smiley picture.

OK I tweaked a little to get the boxes out of the background a bit. Kimberly from OMOM tweaked it a bit more so you really can't tell that I had a pile of boxes on the piano bench behind them!

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