Sunday, November 05, 2006

Of Course

When I picked up Thane from school on Halloween, I asked him if he knew what day it was (he is pretty oblivious to this kind of thing

His reply: "Of course! Punkin!"

He went Trick-or-treating with Braeden and six of his friends, all 8-11 years old. He had to run to keep up with them, but he was determined. One of the boys was dressed as Darth Vader. He was having trouble seeing through the mask, so he was the last of the group at each door. Thane would see Darth and scream "Help! Help! It's a MONSTER" at every door, then run away with his candy.

When he got back to my friend's house with his pumpkin of treats, I secretly dumped it out and replaced what he got with Dum-Dums (because they are gluten free/casein free). He opened nine lollipops and carried around a lollipop bouquet. He only ate one of them, so he isn't badly sugared up, but he looked cute with it.

I didn't get any great full costume pics as he wouldn't wear it all. He was supposed to be a pirate in an Old Navy costume. He gave us no trouble on the pants, but the coat really made him mad. Oh well. I should get used to that with his sensory issues!

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