Friday, October 12, 2007

Mount Battie

Tuesday was a gorgeous day here (unlike today!) and we decided to go to the top of Mount Battie in Camden before picking Braeden up after sailing. I figure this also gives me a good opportunity to show Thane's new haircut and his overalls, complete with bats on the back.

I know this isn't a wonderful picture of Thane and Dave, but I rather like other aspects of the picture (the sky, the light and shadows) . . . and we have a very similar picture of Braeden at about the same age.

Thane has so much hair we decided it was time to layer it so it didn't wedge so much in the back. We've gotten a lot of comments that it makes him look older. If you ask me, he does look like he is going to be turning four in a couple of months . . . ACK!

I hate when I get this little hexagon invades my images, but in this case the placement is sort of amusing and makes Thane look like he is casting a spell in front of a castle.

If I hadn't already done my Halloween cards, I might have used this photo. Of course, when I had him in costume and tried to get him to pose, he kept running away. He was actually moving when I took this too, but he's looking up at least!

Here's Thane flying over Camden Harbor. I was expecting the fall color to look more impressive from above than it did on Tuesday. My drive home was beautiful, but it is a little more inland and a lot of red maples. If the bad weather today doesn't knock all the leaves off the trees, perhaps we'll go back next week.

I have to include the back of the overalls because there are bats on his back on top of Mount Battie.


Kimberly said...

Did you cut his hair yourself? It definitely looks darker doesn't it? :) He's grown so much just since I joined OMOM two years ago.

I think the "hexagon" is cool in that shot too. I thought he was indeed throwing something. It's actually called lens flare and if you find you keep picking that up in your outdoor photos you can purchase an accessory for your camera called a lens hood. My just snaps on to the end of the lens. Just FYI. :)

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

He looks just ADORABLE...and looks like a big boy now.

Love the overalls..did you make them?