Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Day in Life

It isn’t so much that he was lining up his supplements and chocolate treats before eating them . . . it’s more the look of concentration mixed with disgust at one of the vitamins being out of order. That one was eaten first to rectify the problem. To me it shows a little bit of the obsessive behavior that we deal with constantly. It doesn’t get to me all the time, but sometimes it can drive a mom a bit nuts. And I am not sure I needed any help at all with that!

Today has been one of sort of odd conversations. It made me wonder a bit about receptive language, but more likely we have entered a realm of outer space for the day and will return to Earth tomorrow.

Thane: “There’s Mist! There he is!”

Braeden:”She. Mist is a she. She’s a girl!”

Thane: “No girl. Mist is black and white.”

Next . . .

Braeden was shaking and kicking in his chair. Thane looks at him and says “Stop kicking!”

Braeden: “Thane just turned into Daddy!”

Thane: “No, Thane’s not Daddy. Braeden is Braeden.”

I was popping some popcorn and Braeden got the brilliant big brother idea to pretend to take a bear from the line. Thane started screaming “Give it back! Give back Thane’s Bear. It’s Mine. Give it Back.”

Braeden tried to explain that he never actually took it, to no avail. I kind of wanted to tell him he got himself into it if he thought Thane would possibly understand the humor of both taking his most treasured food (the one thing I haven’t had to fight about lately) and ruining a line at the same time. I mean, c’mon boy, where do you live? But, he’s nine. What do I really expect? Too much I guess.

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