Friday, June 20, 2008

Arts Magazine

I'm one of those people who usually does just about everything to help out at school fundraisers and things that support the kids. Riley puts out an Arts Magazine each summer featuring creative works that the children completed during the school year. Last year each child had one creative writing piece and one piece of graphic art.

I bought a full page ad and used half the space to promote The Waldo Theatre, where Braeden has been in a couple of productions and participates in a youth theater troupe. On the other half of the page I made a statement about art and used a music composition of Braeden's and some of his photographs. You can check it out below. I love the first frog photo as the detail is amazing.

I posted the ad, which you can see bigger if you double click on the picture, but decided I should probably upload the color frog picture too. Again, click if you want to see it bigger to take in the detail. It's great!


ADDAmy said...

what kind of frog? and where did you find it - Carson wants to know

Bec said...

Hi Amy & Carson, Believe it of not, it is a Green Frog -- that's really the name!It's the most common frog in Maine. Braeden and his friends found it on the school campus while they were out doing photography -- which is why we have a picture.

Now for a laugh . . . I didn't know what kind of frog, so I had to ask Dave. Dave wasn't sure, so he pulled up the blog at work (Dept. of Environmental Protection) and asked a co-worker and his boss. His boss said Green Frog, but I thought she was kidding. He asked another co-worker who is a Master Maine Guide and got the lowdown that it is indeed a Green Frog.