Saturday, June 14, 2008

Catching Up a Little

I haven't been keeping up well. My little update is a photo of Braeden sailing with Atlantic Challenge. He's the one in the blue shirt and red vest on the left. The second picture is the finished swingset. I don't think I posted that yet. From this photo angle you don't see that it has a climbing wall, funnel tunnel slide, slanted ladder, 3-sided rope ladder, and a turning bar on the back side. Got to love Cedarworks playsets! They have some super fancy ones that look like little castles, but this one looks fancy enough for our old farmhouse. Then the third is a photo of Thane taken yesterday after he actually asked me to take his picture.

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M~O said...

WOW! Tell Dave I am absolutely impressed by his building skills! I hope that B&T have an absolutely fabulous time on that set!