Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Pictures

It is always hard to pick a few photos to post. I got the video up fast figuring it was timely, but took a few days to decide what to post for stills. These are some of my favorites. I loved Braeden's expressions and I felt like I caught a moment with Thane's Handy Manny radio (he played with it half the day, too) as his happiness was clearly visible. It was a good day, even if we were all too tired.

I guess I should mention that the night before Christmas we all headed upstairs to watch Rudolf. Thaney couldn't sleep until about 1:30 a.m. It is the first year he really has a solid grasp of Christmas, so every tree branch brushing the roof had him asking if Santa was here yet, or if the reindeer were on the roof. It was cute, but I was worried he would go down and open everything all by himself.

Then after he was safely asleep, Braeden woke up . . . and noticed Dad wasn't upstairs. So we talked and talked about things, including the mystery of Santa. Dave came up and explained that the ice backup was making rain come into the sunroom again, so he was downstairs sopping up water and drying furniture, plus he went out to rake the roof. It was after 4 by the time Braeden was asleep. We woke them up at around 10 or 10:30 a.m. and they were both pretty sleepy. Dave and I were doing better, but Dave ended up sleeping a bit in the afternoon. That seems like a holiday tradition!

Thane spots Rocket right away!

Braeden checks out his new kicksled.

Thane hides in protest to something said.

I love the eyes!

Thane examines a gift.

A smile emerges as he figures out what it is.

Complete glee down to his toes!

Braeden hunting behind the tree.

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