Friday, December 19, 2008

Thane's 5th Birthday

One of Thane's big requests for his birthday was balloons.

Every time he got one, he wanted one more!

He took to jumping on the couch

We went for a small gluten-free Rocket cake.

I like this picture of him peeking through a box.

He had fun with the piƱata!

Thane flying a shuttle around.

In the end, it probably was for the best to just have a party at home with the four of us and Misty -- she got a treat bag with jerky in it, so she was pretty happy. It still feels somehow off to me, but he got what he wanted and seemed very pleased. It was certainly easier than having a big shindig, and he didn't meltdown once.

I've had some of those wistful moments thinking that he is already five. My baby is FIVE! I think back to the baby who was born earlier than I planned, didn't want to grow, slept and fussed . . . all the puke, the rashes, constant running nose, and never having a solid poop until he was gluten-free. The temper tantrums where he would throw himself backward and smash his head.

The toddler who would learn a new word and then lose another, and how it angered him so much when we tried to push him to speak. Now he speaks pretty well and even sings louder than his classmates. I love his little stories and his little voice. Every child deserves a voice and I am so glad he found his. He has made me laugh and smile so many times. I remember worrying he'd never really speak, and now I can't imagine what it would be like if he didn't.

The boy who never blew raspberries, never gave kisses, never said mama until he was almost three, and now he can do all of those things . . . and even chooses to do them. He is such a little lovey. He greets his teachers with hugs and he is just so sweet. I still worry some about his future, but for the most part I am so impressed with him and how far he has come. He is so determined and strong for such a small little guy. A lot of these things haven't come easily to him, but he's made it happen. He's such a treasure.

Happy 5th Birthday, Thane! My little lovey!

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Heather said...

Happy Birthday Thaney!! I always loved watching you grow & learn- you are such an inspiration to me :) I'm glad I still get these little peeks into how you are doing!! I can't believe you are FIVE!! WOW!