Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Little Updates

Thane saw the photograph of the Tooth Fairy sitting on his teddy bear (which is technically Dave's, but Thane is taking care of it). His reaction was, “huh?” I loved that!

The other update is on me . . . I'll be 16 weeks out from surgery this week and haven't weighed in for this week, but last I checked I was down 150 pounds, so I am more than halfway to my goal. Keep your fingers crossed that I can get rid of another 130 before the magic wears off! I now closely resemble a shriveled apple person!

I would like to plug a blog that Dori turned me on to: The World According To Eggface . . . Shelly, who writes the blog, had the same surgery I had and has a lot of healthy recipes that are also bariatric friendly. I have to adjust a lot of them to be gluten free, egg free or dairy free, but many of them work really nicely for me.

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