Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

My boys are both rather cute!

Thane was all upset on Friday as he didn't even want me to see the wrapping on his school-made gift for me. His teacher had to put it in the back of my car for me! He said it had to be a kept a secret. Then Saturday night he was talking about it with Daddy so I had to cover my ears so I wouldn't hear. I did hear the word “pie” which left me a bit confused because I thought he did something with plaster of Paris.

The next morning, with a detail no one probably wants to know but makes it all the more memorable to me, I woke up after sleeping in and went into the bathroom. He had to come in and give me my gift. While I was trying to open the box, he told me it was a “dirt pie.” Dave said something to him about the secret, so he turned and said, “It’s okay Daddy, I kept the secret until Mudders Day and then I told her!” He’s right, he kept the secret until Mother’s Day!!!

He also gave me a plant where he painted hearts and stars on the box holding it. And then a couple of cards – I guess he probably did one in Life Skills and one in Kindergarten. Braeden gave me a sweet card. Pictures are below, other than the flowers because I am too lazy right now to get that.

Dirt Pie

Inside of Braeden's card. Too sweet!


Heather said...

so sweet- and wtg thane on your writing!!

Bec said...

My giggle is that he is catching up with Braeden on the handwriting pretty quick now that he isn't so stressed about holding a pencil.