Wednesday, July 07, 2010

4th of July, 2010

Following are some photographs of the family at the 4th of July celebration in Damariscotta. We actually went to the fireworks in Thomaston on the 3rd sans camera, but were so impressed with how Thane did that we decided to go to Damariscotta on the 4th. It seems that $8 Remmington ear protectors from Wal-Mart make a big difference in his ability to handle all the big booms. I wish I had some too! He was entertained while waiting by taking pictures, and took some during the fireworks as well. Thane is the little one, Braeden is my 12-tear-old, then there is a picture of me and a picture of my husband, Dave, and I (celebrated our 23rd anniversary a couple of weeks ago).

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