Thursday, July 15, 2010

Asperger's Syndrome Cards

These will probably be a little hard to read here, but after looking around at a bunch of different autism and Asperger's Syndrome information business cards online, I decided I would be better off making my own. Thane's play therapist suggested that it may be easier on Braeden, age 12, to have a card explaining his brother a little bit so he doesn't feel embarrassed when Thane acts in a socially unexpected manner. I know a lot of adults use them too, so I made two versions . . . one for little brother and one for son. Otherwise they are identical.

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Skyler said...

The distinctiveness of the learning method of kids with Aspergers Syndrome is significant to believe. Perceptibly, kids with Asperger's syndrome react and perform dissimilar than non-autistic kids.