Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moon Dough!

I need to update my Gluten-Free Art/School Supply list, but as a smidget of an update Moon Dough, which is made by the same company as Moon Sand (SpinDirect/SpinMaster), is gluten-free and I found it at Target! It is so nice to actually be able to buy some gluten-free dough in a somewhat local place. And it comes in a set just like Play-Doh, so it has that kid appeal as well. One can get molds and such without having to get Play-Doh and toss the dough! I am happy to have found this as I bought some more expensive scented dough for home, but wanted something a bit cheaper to send to school with Thane.

Check it out at

I will update more about school soon. Maybe later today. We will see!

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