Sunday, August 22, 2010


There is a long, convoluted story about this, but we are now the proud owners of two labradoodle puppies. They are 11 weeks old now, so we've had them for two weeks. The one that is higher and on the left is Lavender, a girl, who was Braeden's puppy choice. The other is Blue, a boy, that Thane chose. I just happen to think this is one of the cutest pictures I have captured with my cell phone.

Both boys have been asking for puppies for awhile. Thane really wanted a white puppy. I really wanted to go with low allergen dogs because I wanted it to be a safer mix for everyone in the house. Thane actually is NOT allergic to dogs, while he appears to be allergic to about half the universe. Braeden, on the other hand, is very mildly allergic. I guess there are 7-8 proteins that dogs give out so it explains why he reacts more strongly to some dogs than others. These two he should be unlikely to react to, plus he will get used to them. He had made a lot of promises about taking care of them, which I really am not seeing. At any rate, they are much lower allergen than our 85-pound husky mutt.

Here are all the guys and dogs in the picture above. Braeden (left) is holding his Lavender (Lavi for short) and Thane (middle) is holding Blue (Blueberry or Blue Bear . . . he rather looks like the bear in "Bear in the Big Blue House".) Dave is trying to convince 14-year-old Mist to stay in such close proximity to squirmy puppies. She seems to like Blue better, but he doesn't challenge her the way Lavender sometimes does.

This one is me with Blue on the left and Lavender on the right posing a bit better. I am down a bit more than 120 pounds in the 7 months since my gastric bypass, a few pounds shy of 200 total for weight loss. I still have a long way to go to be a "normal" weight. I feel like I am just getting down to where most people start when they have the surgery. It has been a good choice for me, but it feels very slow even though I know it is isn't.

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