Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thane, just a few days after his 9th birthday, wrote this letter to Santa Claus. It is definitely one of those things that makes a mom say "Aw! Isn't he cute?"

It was not only cute, it was surprising. Thane has Asperger's so I don't tend to imagine him wishing to do something for some unknown, ambiguous person in South America. I am also really proud of him that he messed some stuff up and was able to deal with it. OK, I also love that the paper is upside down because that just seems so much like my child.

It also made me remember when Braeden was about the same age. A teacher at his school suffered a significant property loss from a micro-burst (similar to a tornado) and there was a spaghetti supper at his school. Since Thane is gluten-free, we couldn't go to the supper, but Braeden decided to give his savings to the fund. He wrote a very sweet letter and packaged up his $71 and I don't think that teacher will ever forget. It brought tears to her eyes. A couple of years later, Braeden was saving for a large army set that was $250. He finally got to that amount when he decided to give it to a school in South America. His reason was because he felt bad for these kids having no parents, so he wanted to at least make the school better.

I think I have a couple of really great kids.

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