Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 10 List for 2012

This probably won’t really be in order of importance, but rather just a top 10. Even though I am not a Dave Letterman fan, I will do it in reverse.

10. Lavender and Blue going on their first boat ride

9. Braeden having his first job and being there to see how incredibly well he did at it – he worked as a cooking counselor at Cub Scout Camp

8. Braeden graduating from Riley and starting high school at Lincoln Academy (and winning first place at the Science Fair at LA)

7. Seeing Thane try a bunch of new things – Tubing, paddling a kayak, pedaling a boat

6. Taking a short autumn vacation in Harrington

5. Thane moving into a new bedroom

4. Finally giving in and getting a snowmobile. I have wanted one since we moved here. We actually got one years ago that never ran for us. We pick up the new used one on January 2, 2013 but it is still a great way to end the year!

3. Braeden as Judas in Godspell

2. Getting a summer house on Damariscotta Lake . . . we celebrated out 25th wedding anniversary shortly after the purchase and considered our silvered cabin to our silver anniversary gift to each other.

1. Seeing how much both of my boys have matured this year – They have both grown up so much in the past 12 months, it is truly amazing and wonderful


Anna said...

Happy new year, Bec! May the new year bring you an even tougher time finding just ten things to list as your top favorites for next new year's eve!!

Melissa R said...

Wonderful list! Thanks for sharing all these positives!