Sunday, January 20, 2013

First Hockey Game

We took the boys to their first hockey game last night . . . it was Scout Night, which is how Thane found out about it. We were willing to give it a go since he won tickets to a Sea Dogs baseball game last year and he really had fun. He is so charming at games as he gets totally into it to the point of exhausting himself quickly.

It was interesting watching the monitors as they scanned fans. There was a little boy who was jumping up and flapping and my husband and I automatically thought he was probably autistic like Thane. Thane jumps in his chair, flaps, talks non-stop, etc., at games. Luckily we were seated among understanding folks.

Braeden hid from my efforts to take pictures, but I actually used my phone's reverse camera and took a picture of myself and Thane. I think the background is just perfect for us, and I am kind of surprised how much I think he and I look alike here. I usually think of Braeden and I as looking more similar than Thane and I, but Thane definitely looks like my child here.

It was fun, and I am really proud of Thane for being open to new things, and for Braeden for wanting to make it a family event . . . knowing it was a long drive, and that we likely wouldn't stay the whole game. Braeden was rather bothered by the fighting in the game. I have to agree with him that it is a bit odd having "Scout Night" and lots of kids there to watch adults brawling on the ice. All these people were jumping up and cheering, while my kids didn't like it.

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