Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New York, New York

Traveling is not really a high priority for me . . . I saw all the things around the holidays about experiential gifts, such as a tickets to a show, actually being a better gift than a monetary item. For myself, I seem to like thinks that are a little bit of both, such as getting that snowmobile I have posted about it!

I often feel bad for Braeden because we don't go much of anywhere with Thane. I mean, we are going to a hockey game on Saturday, but it has been a few years since we have even traveled to Rhode Island to visit family. It is just too hard with a very allergic, gluten-free, ritualistic child on the spectrum.

Braeden has gotten to go on a few trips with school, such as going to Gettysburg, or going whitewater rafting. I know he would like to go to Europe, but he agrees that going someplace with a different language, and most likely the pressure on the airplane, would be too hard on his little brother.

In spring, Braeden is making a trip to New York City and staying in Times Square. He's going for a few days to take part in a Broadway Student Summit where he will take classes, see a show and meet the cast.

I was worried he wouldn't take the opportunity. I tried not to push, but sometimes you have to step a bit out of your comfort zone when the opportunity arises and just seize it. I am excited that he decided to do it. I think it should be wonderful . . . as long as he can behave himself. He is going with a small group of theatre kids. I am not sure how many as only three have committed so far, but as many as three more may go. They are probably all familiar enough with each other to bicker like siblings, going with one of their directors and a parent of one of the teens.

It all seems fun to me. I grew up in Brooklyn, which is part of New York City, even if people refer to Manhattan as "The City." They will fit in a few sites and fun restaurants, and maybe a second Broadway show. I think it is the type of thing Braeden will always remember.

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