Monday, October 23, 2006

"I Sorry, Mouse"

I have a Hamster Dance hamster sitting on a CD holder near my desk -- something unearthed in the weekend's cleaning. I haven't dared let it go off since Thane would be terrified. He came in and knocked it over with the ball he had in his hands. He looked over and said "Sorry mouse! I sorry, mouse" and straightened out the hamster.

We have had a couple of G.I. Joe incidents. Thane found a brand new in a box G.I. Joe doll and he asked to have it. It was a gift that Braeden never opened. We agreed, opened it, and Thane started undressing him. Dave saw a button on G.I. Joe's belly and pressed it. The G.I. Joe spoke, mouth moving at all. Poor little Thane was totally creeped out and ran away screaming "No! No! NO! NO!" I feel bad that we opened it, because he will not touch it again!

But last night he found some already open Max Steels. He was carrying two around and having them talk to each other. He took them upstairs at bedtime. Braeden ran downstairs for something and Thane stuck G.I. Joe's head through the fence and in a different voice called "Daeden? Daeden" Where you going, Daeden? Daeden?"

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