Saturday, December 23, 2006

Celebrations & Mommy Over There

Thane is slowly getting the concept of celebrations, but it is interesting how things go with him. It's kind of like the social worker's suggestion that we bathe him first thing in the morning so that he is cooperative about diaper changes, but now he wants a bath with almost every diaper change!

On his birthday last Sunday, we had a "3" candle on a cupcake for him (we made gluten free cupcakes thinking that a cake wouldn't stay together enough, but I think this would have so we will try that tomorrow for my birthday -- and Braeden and his friends actually liked them too!). We encouraged him to blow out the candle. He was laughing so hard. It was cute.

We celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas because of our backgrounds. When it was time to light the menorah every day since then, Thane has started giggling, squealing "Birdie Party" (for birthday party), and trying to blow out the candles. So with my sense of humor last night I decided that in our house the miracle was that Braeden got all eight candles lit before Thane could blow them out! I have a cute picture of the two of them laughing away as Braeden is lighting it.

Later last evening, Thane decided to undecorate the Christmas tree in the living room. He very carefully removed all the round ornaments he could reach. He then sorted them by color/texture and lined them up very neatly at the base of the tree, hooks laid out at the top. This tree was done all in gold unbreakable ornaments since he spends a lot of time in the living room, so he was sorting shiny gold, antiqued gold, stuff like that. Some of the differences are very subtle, but I guess not to him.

When I went in and saw what he is was doing, I smiled and he looked up with absolute glee on his face and started jumping up and down "I did it! Again and again and again and again!"

I have been trying to explain to the little guy that if he ever wants to gain any weight, it would really help if he wore clothing to keep a bit warmer and curtailed the jumping up and down all the time as it uses way too many calories, LOL! (Think of a kid on a ogo stick, only without the stick.)

One last one . . . I was standing in the foyer talking to his speech therapist when the children left their classroom to get their coats on to go home. Thane saw me, and shouted "Oh look! It's a Mommy over there! Hello Mommy!" so the other three kids had to peek and see what mommy was over there!

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