Friday, December 29, 2006

It's Ours!!!

After several bumps in the road, the land is finally ours! We closed on the deal this morning and then went to visit. Here are a bunch of pictures!

Beach area in front of where house will be built.

Woods and water through trees in front of where house will be built.

View to the north from beach in front of house.

View east (straight out).

View to the south.

Thane trying to negotiate the rock beach.

Braeden exploring the rocks.

Check out the gloves!

Path too the other beach (around the tall rocks from north of front beach).

Views down the driveway, from the area where the house will be situated, and up the driveway.

This is the other stone beach.

A pocket of sand beach.

View of the neighbor's camp to the north.

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