Friday, December 29, 2006


We had a fun Christmas . . . it took until the 28th for Thane to finish opening presents, but between his birthday, Hanukkah and Christmas he is so used to the idea that he has been going around the house looking for more. Tonight he unwrapped a book that is a gift for one of Braeden's friends, so I guess I get to re-wrap that!

I enjoyed shopping this year. I do consider shopping a sport, which helps on that front! But I bought a lot of stuff for other families this year, and then I just had some luck with my own. I wasn't really thinking about buying a PS3 or a Wii, but I couldn't help but feel that Dave and Braeden would enjoy at least the PS3. I was able to locate one of the premium systems a week before Christmas and get it delivered the Wednesday before. I was kind of proud of myself for not enduring the hassles I have heard about (of course, now that the holiday is over the stock is much better). I could have gotten it through Amazon too -- I found out that people do actually get selected in their lotteries!

Then I decided the Wii looked interesting and one of the few games I like on these systems are the Legend of Zelda series. Braeden had been using a dance mat a lot lately, so I thought maybe the physical part of it would be good for him (but probably not for the good old dog!). I walked into Wal*Mart the Tuesday before Christmas looking for a game for the PS3 and overheard a woman saying they just got the Wii systems in and she was waiting for the stock person to bring them out. I asked her if I overheard correctly and if she knew if they had more than one. She said she thought they did, so I stayed and waited. The stock person came out with two -- she got one and I got the other!

Braeden has been so excited about the Wii. He has been playing a lot of tennis on it and it really is fun for others to watch as well. Here is a picture of him opening the present Christmas morning.

My highlight with Thane was him getting a new wooden garage and having him instantly run out to his wooden kitchen and get some wooden food. He started driving bread and fruit around in it, and parking the bread at the top, after spinning the station sign. Even after we steered him toward new wooden cars for the garage, he preferred his fruit and bread!

Thane also received a gift from his Grammie that has really made him happy. Mommy got him a Kipper the Dog and a Wibbly Pig for his birthday, based on the Mick Inkpen books and cartoon, and Grammie made him Sock Thing! Kipper and Pig went to bed with him for several nights and now Sock Thing is beside him. Last night he put on Sock Thing, changed his voice, and said "Hello Bwaeden." Oh, that's another change. It isn't usually "Daeden" anymore -- we've progressed to "Bwaeden" with a very occasional "Braeden" too. Sock Thing also woke Mommy up at 3 a.m. today, but at least he and his owner are very cute!

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