Sunday, February 04, 2007

Taking Prisoners

The night before last, I thought I saw something run through the kitchen. Dave wanted to know if I was sure, and I said no . . . it could have been my hair in my eyes as it was getting too long. Sure enough, a quiet little flying squirrel fell pray to one of our traps. It was transported roughly seven miles away. Not as much humor involved in this one.

Last night Dave heard another one in the kitchen and he was pretty annoyed. It is getting ridiculous – how many squirrels can we have here?

This morning, four and five were imprisoned after being enticed by the smell of peanut butter. For the longest time, we didn’t have peanut butter in the house. Should I blame Shaw’s for having a 3 for $5 sale to draw these critters in to my home?

After photographing the cute but pesky squirrels, we transported them about 40 miles away, over at least three good-sized rivers, maybe four. Maybe we should start painting toe nails or something to see if they are actually making back from their humane drop off spots. Is this what we get for having a heart?!?

"What happened to a fair trial?"

"I just wanted peanut butter!"

"Did you fail to notice? I'm cute!!!"

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