Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Mocking Squirrel

The squirrel saga continues . . .

Dave returned home from transporting the squirrel across the river, through the woods, and into another town . . . He came into my office to tell his story, standing in front of a floor lamp that seemed to make him glow. Me, being me, could just envision how the man would look were he able to spread a glorious plume of feathers in the manner of a male peacock.

I told him of my post - he said it really wasn't funny . . . The traps were $104 with tax!

He sat on his laurels for a moment before heading into the kitchen. There on his favorite appliance - the television - sat the Mocking Squirrel! It looked at him as if trying to explain both that he, the human, caught the wrong squirrel . . . And he, the mocking squirrel, knew that I had purchased 6 jars of peanut butter
at the sale price of 3 for $5!

After the water pipe fiasco, annoyed human isn't sure what to do. He was so sure - being a logical engineer and all - that there could only be one . . . Untilthere were two . . . But WAAAAAH!!!!!!!!! Three!?!

Enter mocking almost-nine-year-old. "BOO!" Shouts Braeden as he jumps and throws his hand out toward mocking squirrel - who dashes into the living room and up the chimney. "See Dad? It's cool - they scare really easy!"

Me, being me, looks at the face of the adult male who is obviously trying harder than usual not to blow a fuse. I can envision the steam escaping from his ears so he won't explode, then forming a cartoon thought bubble over his head filled with symbolic censorship "@+!@#@@!!!"

With a big sigh, and peacock plumage totally retracted, adult male heads out into the cold to retrieve the "lucky" trap that caught flying squirrel #2.

A third peanut butter loving flying squirrel was caught and transported to the state capital where Dave works - released into the arboretum. Again, the practical engineer feels he has removed the last one, but I won't be surprised if the mocking squirrel is really still in the house.

Who will win? Man or rodent? You know, those little critters can be kind of squirrelly, LOL!

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