Thursday, May 24, 2007


“Beautiful” is one of Thane’s favorite words at the moment. Somehow it is especially cute coming from him. He also likes to say a really breathy “Wow!” when he likes something.

Last night we played for a bit with shapes, but his attention turned to some Playmobil animals I had ordered for him. Watching him play with things is a lot of fun. I put together a vase with flowers and he announced that it was beautiful, and then took it over to the elephant and put it down for the elephant to eat!

My mind isn’t good at linear progression, so I have to insert a comment that Braeden and one of his friends stopped in the field at school to pick flowers for me. I’m glad I have cups stashed in the van! They looked really sweet gathering the blooms, and it was a very nice gesture.

Back to Thane . . . I had my head stuck in some instructions as he started playing with the people and animals. When I looked up, I couldn’t help but laugh at his setup. In the house he had placed some furniture and a family of hedgehogs. Outside within a fence were the people. To me, it looked like he corralled the humans and the hedgehogs were apparently of higher importance. In reality, it probably wasn’t meant to be funny or even slightly odd. He likes to play in our back yard, which is fenced in. So the people were probably playing and safe. I suppose I may have laughed harder if it was a family of flying squirrels inside!

That reminds me of one of the other things I meant to post a few days ago. I have been busy trying to back up my photos again because I believe my computer is on it’s way out – I don’t think I have owned one this long before, but then again there haven’t been as many changes in the technology recently. We thought the squirrels might be back the other day. There was a funky scratchy sound upstairs. Dave went upstairs to check it out and started laughing his backside off – laughing so hard he couldn’t really speak clearly. Apparently the dog decided to stick her head in the trash can upstairs. We have a white bullet can in the bathroom. Her head got stuck in the lid. She came racing downstairs looking like she was wearing a big medical collar – and she gave me that “I was naughty and I was caught” looks. Thane didn’t laugh. He was worried about his dog! He immediately saved her while saying, “There! That’s better! You okay, Misty?” He was so fast that I didn’t get a chance to take a picture.


Kimberly said...

Thane is getting quite a vocabulary now isn't he? And too cute about corraling the people. I love the way the minds of children work. :)

M~O said...

I think that Thane is SUCH an intelligent little boy. After all - isn't it the humans who really DO need to be corralled??