Saturday, May 12, 2007

Elephant next door

After playing tag with Kimberly, I thought I would finally getting around to posting this blog entry that is from events on May 5. I was driving Braeden to gymnastics and we passed a neighbor's farm. Thane was feeling chatty.

"Look, a horse!"



"Where's the elephant?"

You should have heard Braeden laugh!!!

Then I took Thane to the playground for awhile while Braeden had gymnastics. There is a plastic stone wall that you can climb. Underneath is supposed to be a fossil on the wall of a cave . . . Thane is more of a climber, so he never went under there before.
Saturday he went under, and said:

"It's a MONSTER!!!!!!!!"

Backing off with startled look on his face.

"Hello, Monster " looks at it for a minute, backs away further and says, "Goodbye, Monster!"

I didn't think he would go near that wall again, but he climbed up it several more times, but never went back under. Leave it to Thane to be scared of a monster and just say hello to it.

Fast forward to this Saturday and he didn't want to spend much time in the playground. Just a visit to each of the slides.

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Kimberly said...

LOL! Where's the elephant indeed! : )