Monday, April 21, 2008

Meeting the Horses

Wow, this is my 200th blog post!

Thane goes into the Freedom Riders stable for the first time, safely in Daddy's arms. He handled everything beautifully!

He was a little hesitant at first to pet Lucy. He wanted to rename her Pinto, like his Fur Real Pony, which is named after a horse in Dora or Diego.

He did pet her a couple of times! She's the smallest we saw and very seems very sweet.

Braeden got to know Lucy, too.

There were a lot of beautiful horses. Quite a variety, and all very pretty.

It was really easy to get Thane to try on a special hat for riding horses.

He looked so cute -- I wish the lighting was better but I didn't want to use a flash in case it bothered the horses.

What a cute silhouette!

Thane did not like the idea of the belt at all, but because he won't be in a saddle it is important to have some handles so the guides can hold onto him. He'll be working with three people -- one leading the horse, and two on either side to keep him safe.

The big open indoor arena was appealing for a good run -- something he won't be able to do once therapy starts! We were lucky because I asked if I could come by and get some photos and they let us all come in for a look. He starts riding in two weeks!!!

He kept the hat/helmet on for 5 minutes, which is pretty good for him. We didn't bother to take one home as he really seemed like he was going to adjust to this well. I am sure he will be scared when he first gets on a real horse, but I think he'll decide to like it pretty quick.

His team will help him do things for himself from the start -- here he is getting out of the belt.

It may work out that Braeden can come with us and watch, which would be nice (and helpful for me) . . . but he may be starting up with the theater troupe being formed in town. He also begins spring sailing the same week as Thane starts horseback riding. I have to say, I think my kids are pretty darn lucky they get to do these things.

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