Saturday, April 26, 2008

Playing in Backyard

I think this may be one of those spring vacation weeks in Maine that people will remember for years to come – “Remember that one April vacation where there was sunshine and warm weather every day . . . and no mud!?!”

Dave spent a good portion of Monday, Patriot's Day, and Saturday continuing to put together a play structure in our back yard. Braeden had a friend over and they were planning things for their new rock band – The Green Bandits. Thane and I wandered outside and stayed there most of the day. Every time he got a chance to try a new feature on the structure he was right there and thrilled about it!

He hasn’t really been able to stay off it, so even with Daddy building he would climb up and check things out. He is growing and changing so much. Thane was actually being careful enough that we could let him explore!

My favorite part of the kids playing together at the end of the day was Thane sing-songing “you can’t catch me.”

I had to add a picture of the line of vehicles – it isn’t an afternoon out back without them. And, of course, our Siberian muttsky, Mist.


Apple_Mark said...

nice pics

Kimberly said...

You have such a beautiful family Bec. You really should stick yourself in those photos once in a while! (This is me, preaching to the choir.) :)