Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby Tooth #9

Braeden lost his ninth baby tooth today. It's been awhile since he lost one, so I have been stalling about going to orthodontist . . . but I guess this means it is time to go back.

I also have to hand it to Braeden for being a wonderful big brother. He immediately turned his tooth loss into a teaching opportunity with Thaney. Thaney is terrified of losing his teeth because he likes them. One of the girls in his class has lost two this year. Thane was bothered by it and still adament about not losing his. But he is 5, so we are certainly approaching the time for them to start coming out. Somehow he took Braeden's news much easier, and was even celebrating this right of childhood with Braeden. I have to hand it to them for giving so many bright spots to my days.

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