Sunday, November 29, 2009

Halloween 2009

I have been meaning to post these photographs for about a month. I am partial to the first one and the last one! The extra child is a good friend of Braeden's who spend part of Halloween with us and is a frequent visitor at our house.

The only disappointment on Halloween was that the Waldoboro Fire Department went all out and decorated the old middle school as a haunted house . . . but we never got in because the lines were too long. Thane really thought he wanted to go, but it was probably just as well.

This year Thane really understood Halloween much better, kept his costume on (he was a witch, while Braeden was a necormancer), and visited quite a few houses. It was even easy to switch candy with him so he only got items that were gluten free and egg free. I have to say it was considerably more successful all the way around than it has been in several years.

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Melissa R said...

Oh I could gobble him up!