Sunday, November 29, 2009

Swine Flu

Poor Thane was the unlucky family member who got H1N1 . . . he was diagnosed 10 days ago. I remember that specifically because I am just about to take my final dose of Tamiflu.

None of us are vaccinated against it. I was going to get it because I have lung issues and asthma, but apparently I am not high risk enough yet. I am still supposed to get it whenever it becomes available to folks like me around here – which is probably in the next week or so.

It was pretty miserable for little Thaney. He ran a fever of 102-104 even with medication to bring it down. He didn’t eat or drink much for days – we really had to push him to get any fluid in. He didn’t nap much the first few days, but he did next to nothing. He watched a lot of television. Then Monday and Tuesday it must have caught up with him more as he napped for 5 hours on Monday and 3-4 on Tuesday, and he has taken naps most days since. I think he can go back to school tomorrow, but I am concerned that a full day may be too much. He also still has quite a cough.

Mostly I have been worried about secondary infection. Between his celiac and his immune deficiency, it is always a little extra scary when he gets sick. I thought he might have pneumonia on Wednesday, but then on Thanksgiving he was more himself and has been showing steady improvement.

Now Braeden is a bit feverish, so I am not sure where that will lead. I hope that if he was going to have swine flu it would have started by now. I guess Dave and I are in one of the age groups that is less likely to be impacted, but the doctor said I really needed to take the Tamiflu. I have to say it is miserable stuff and I don’t really recommend it. At least I have taken my last pill!

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