Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sleepy Lovey

You can't tell me that a child who falls asleep in his swing chair, with a cookie in his hand no less, isn't totally adorable. Isn't this the sweetest picture?

I wish I had brought in Thane's notebook from school. There was a really cool comment from his teacher. I got an email from Thane's case manager today which kind of irritated me, though it probably wasn't meant to. I think she and I are like oil and water. Thane's home developmental therapist was calling around about prices to go swimming and such with him and the case manager was saying it should be the job of a Sweetser case manager, not the DT. We don't have a Sweetser case manager because we don't have MaineCare, and I can't even apply for MaineCare under Katie Beckett until my 2006 taxes are complete. I personally think the DT and CDS need to gather more information about what is available out there for peer interaction if they are going say it is something that he needs!

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M~O said...

Extremely adorable picture! I think it is truly important to have these moments captured, so that during the rough times you can easily remind yourself how adorable they really are!!