Saturday, September 22, 2007


One of Thane’s goals as school has been to drink water – he usually refuses and insists on something with flavor, including soda (it’s diet soda, so I am not sure if that makes it worse or better than Britney Spears and all the talk about her children and their rotting teeth). Anyway, he drank water with his teachers watching and tears welling in their eyes. He asked how to drink it and was told just like you drink juice or anything else, “then you say `Mmmmm!” Well, he did Madison Avenue proud . . .

“So cold!”
“So delicious!”
“So water!”

It would be the perfect advertisement for bottled water!


Dadof6Autistickids said...

I found an 'Autism guide' for parents and teachers on the website of the National Education Association (NEA). It has a LOT of good info that parents should make sure their school district and teachers of your children have AND use. I thought you and or your readers would find it useful.

I have more details and the link on our blog.

Good luck!

M~O said...

Bec - that's so cool that he is drinking the water! Did he do it from a bottle, cup or the actual drinking fountain? (Blech!)