Friday, September 07, 2007

Tagged Again

Michelle tagged me and I am supposed to tell eight interesting things about myself. Ack!

1) I like to buy new digital cameras and never get rid of the old ones. I leave them in various rooms around the house because a bad picture is usually better than nothing.

2) Related to number one, I have taken several thousand pictures in the last month. Most of them are what I call memory pictures because they aren't too artistic or brilliant in any way.

3) I listen to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, which seems totally out of character, but they amuse me greatly.

4) I've actually gotten pretty decent at typing with my thumbs on my Blackberry, and wonder how I might do with an iPhone (and I would have been upset if I bought one before the $200 price cut!).

5) I'm too old to have children.

6) I have already begun crafting stuff for Christmas. I would love to have my shopping done, but with two kids that won't happen until my birthday, December 24th.

7) I have a ton of ribbons from agricultural fairs for canning -- including a best in show. They are all really dusty now!

8) Ugh, the last one is always the hardest . . . this will have to be really stupid I guess. I have started wearing Crocs, much to my friend Kim's dismay. Even worse, I have little tree frogs stuck in them. Thane likes my froggies.

I'm not really sure who I should tag since it hasn't been that long since I was tagged. Anyone who wants to self-tag can post a comment and a link here!

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M~O said...

Yeah, sorry 'bout that. So how come you picked froggies to go into your Crocs? Why not a squirrel???