Thursday, September 06, 2007

Therapy Shoppe

Discussing Autism is having a giveaway from the Therapy Shoppe. I've thought about getting a weighted lap pad for Thane as he uses one at circle at school. He uses a weighted blanket at night and loves it.

The boys both started school this week – Thane on Wednesday and Braeden is camping out at Tanglewood tonight with his classmates. I am hoping he brings home some photos for me. Next week begins the dreaded car pool. I actually drive the same kids every morning, so hopefully it will be easier than last year.

I'm underwhelmed by the newest teacher at Thane's school and need to get the nerve up to complain about what happened yesterday. She kept repeating that “the doors are only for teachers to open.” It seemed grating to me, as well as, well, er, stupid. Either Braeden or I were going to open the door to leave, and Thane doesn't label us as teachers (though obviously we all learn from each other). I didn't want to open the door because there was an adorable little girl standing beside the back door with us and she isn't mine. Instead of taking the child so we could leave, new teacher walked off and would have let us take her. This is not good! I asked Braeden to take her up to the front door with the head teacher. He is suck a cutie. He took her hand and chatted with her as he walked her to the door. I know the first day is always a challenge, but this bothered me. I am glad I am always there before they get out of the classroom.

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M~O said...

Hmmm... just think -- you could have added a little girl to the mix! >wink< B really is such a special young man!