Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Eggs

Today has been a good day . . .

Braeden went snowboarding and had fun. He came home to an Easter Basket, egg coloring, egg hunt and a nice dinner. I hear he behaved beautifully and I was thrilled that neighborhood friends wanted to take him all the way to Sugarloaf. He left at 4:45 a.m. and came home a bit after 7 p.m.

Thane was cute pretty much all day long. He and I played with Playmobil dinosaurs and had fun. He had trouble because he can't apply a script so he ended up jargoning more than I have heard in awhile, but I was impressed with his efforts and the joy he was having. It is so nice to see him happily push himself, if that makes sense. Before we changed his diet he was so unlikely to challenge himself, and certainly not do so and still enjoy himself. He is blossoming!

He was totally charming about coloring eggs, something I didn't think he would necessarily do with us. I thought Thane might ask others to do the dipping for him so he wouldn’t get wet with colored dye, but he was very happy to plunge right in. He got a couple of blue-green freckles on his face and they lasted through two or three baths.

The other problem we had was that we forgot to purchase white eggs, so we only had brown . . . and we only had a dozen to work with. Three cracked in cooking, so the two kids had to share nine eggs. No one complained! Isn’t that bliss?!? I love that my kids take such joy in little things.

I thought it was interesting that dying brown eggs resulted in mostly blue and green eggs!

We put little toys and not so much candy in the eggs for our hunt and really they were just happy to collect the eggs. Braeden was especially cute because he was helping his little brother find eggs, even though Thane tried to nab each egg Braeden collected. In the end, they gathered them all together in one pile and shared the contents rather appropriately. Thane got some tiny stuffed animals that were squished into some eggs and Braeden got some other toys. It worked well. If only all holidays could go so easily and happily!

The icing on the cake, Thane tried ham for dinner. He didn't have to be pushed to touch it, or feed a piece to me, and then he actually was willing to eat more. He ate 10 small pieces, probably close to a square inch of a slice of spiral ham all total. Perfect! One can't get much better than that for a sampling session. No fuss! Yay Thane!!!

Thane has tried ham a few times without really opting to eat much, but not fighting it either. He has worked on chicken as well, but again he is willing to eat a few bites and then he wants his stand-by foods. He actually requested the chicken once, though he didn’t eat much of it. It has taken a few months to get to sampling, so I guess it probably stands to reason that this part goes a bit slowly too. At least a major part of the stress is gone.

Life is good!

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