Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Great Man

We had rather high winds on Friday in the midcoast area. I assume the winds are the reason we lost power in the afternoon. Thane was pretty upset about the television not working. When the power restored and I was able to reset the television, he looked at me and smiled his happiest grin:

“You fixed it, Mama! You’re a good man, Mama!”

Of course, he made me giggle. We’ve had conversations about gender confusion and having opposites backwards (up is down, down is up. Part of it may be his over-specifying, as in our conversation about our dog:

Thane: “There he is!”

Me: “Mist is a girl. There she is!”

Thane: “No! That’s a Misty.”

Me: “Yes, and Misty is a girl – a she.”

Thane: “Misty is like a dog.”

Me: “Yes, Misty is a dog.”

Thane: “He is like an animal.”

Me: “She is an animal.”

Thane: “Bye-bye, Mama!” (Interpretation: you’re annoying me so I’m leaving!)


Cassie said...

Oh I love that conversation!

Melissa said...

Oh!! I am going to have to use that tacit... Thane's I mean!
Bye, Bye (insert in person's name who is frustrating me!).
I love it and will keep it in my pocket for quick use when necessary!

Melissa R