Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Sledding

The boys decided to make the best of what could be the last sledding around here as the snow is melting away.

This photo makes it look like Mist is pulling Dave and Thane up the hill, but she was really just running right in front of them. Toward the end, Thane was trying to catch her tail!

Thane was rather demanding, and insisted on riding back up hill.

Braeden has been enjoying snowboarding so much, he made himself some sled jumps on the lawn. The only problem was that every time he went over the jump, it turned his sled around so he was going down backwards.

Braeden is working on a Special Interest project for school about forensic science. I asked him to make a couple of footprints in the snow so that I could take photographs, so he chooses to go thigh deep into a snow pile.

All the humans ended up in mud at least once. Thane was very upset at first, but he recovered really well, which is fabulous!

I asked Thane to smile for a photo after he was unmasked, but he insisted on running away laughing at me. Pretty standard, but at least I caught this.


Kimberly said...

Your kids look SO HAPPY Bec! I can't believe you guys still have snow. It's in the 70's here today.

M~O said...

Glad that you got to get in the last bit of spring sledding. We put the sleds away this weekend since our daffodils are blooming... and today is the start of "Stroller Strength" (send positive vibes that I don't fall over in a big pile of blob on the walking path LOL!!)...