Sunday, May 04, 2008

Braeden is 10!

All week long we watched the weather. We invited everyone that Braeden wanted to invite – 18 children ages 9-14 and from 6 different schools. We woke up to cloudy skies and drizzle here and there. I checked The Weather Channel site and it said there was only a 10% chance of rain and the weather should improve throughout the day. It didn’t. And we have an older home with rooms that aren’t big enough to host this many people at once.

Dave scrambled and put up two tents, some umbrellas, and we had told everyone it was an outdoor party so we went on as planned. One child couldn’t come because he got sick in the middle of the night, another friend actually drove nearly 30 miles with his mother to drop off a gift for Braeden even though he had a fever and wasn’t feeling well enough to stay – I thought that was very sweet. This young man must get his impeccable manners from his parents!

I have to say the parents were good sports too as they knew their kids were going to playing out in the rain if they left them with us – I guess everyone figured they wouldn’t melt. They played Capture the Flag, soccer, dodge ball, wiffle ball, I forget what else but there were a lot of different games. We ended up near the house instead of in the bigger field down below, but it worked out fine. The girls were extremely good sports considering there were only three of them and one of the boys was being difficult with them.

There was some fun with bubbles too. I found the scene pretty cute. Following that are a couple of pictures of Braeden opening gifts. He was so happy with one gift he flipped around to hug the boy who gave it to him.

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Kimberly said...

It looks like the party was a success DESPITE the weather not cooperating. And look how happy Braeden looks. :)