Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Little Hair

While Thane was very good about getting a summer hair cut, he was not pleased with how he looked afterward. Mommy misses the longer hair too!

He looked in the mirror and cried. He said it was “Daddy’s hair.” Then he said, “I want my big hair back.”

Thane has always hated having people gently run their hands through his hair. His brother finds this very amusing. There were several shouts Monday evening of, “Don’t touch my little hair!!!”

I feel like a bad mom that it didn’t occur to me that changing the way he looks so radically would unnerve him. I guess I didn’t expect the hair cut to work (though we have been building up to it), and I wasn’t expecting the radical difference in his appearance.

I think this picture captures his opinion of it pretty well.

By the way, he cut my hair in the process, so it is now about shoulder length. I think that means Braeden now has the longest hair in the family!

I can't decide if he looks older or younger. I think my mind thinks younger because he now has that hair standing up on the back of his head like he did when he was tiny and when we kept his hair shorter. A lot of people think he looks more grown-up . . . that he really looks like he is 4 years old now.


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

What a handsome fellow you have...I think he looks older. He is going to have many girlfriends at his new school!

Anonymous said...

He's still adorable! I think it makes him look older - more little boy, less baby :-( I don't know if that's a good thing, as I sit here with my own three growing up before my eyes, but he is a cutie!

CG said...

He is just as handsome as ever. Just a bit more grownup handsome. It is an adorable haircut. Poor Landon gets all his stylish cuts from me!!