Friday, October 10, 2008

Another First

Today was the first . . . the first time Thane, only two months shy of his fifth birthday, decided to talk with his father on the telephone and have a real conversation – a real back and forth discussion!

It started with a very happy, smiley Thane asking if it was Daddy on the phone. I said it was, and asked if he wanted to speak to him. He replied with a joyful, breathy, “Jes!”

During the conversation, he was able to tell his father he went to library story hour with preschool today and “watched stories.” Dave told him he bought him a book today and Thane asked about it and was very excited to have Daddy come home later and read it to him. It was really sweet.

Both of them were so happy afterward. Another special first!

Braeden caught this image of Thane napping this afternoon. I love that he is asleep with the remote control!


Heather said...

that is so sweet!! i'm so happy to hear that :)

we always laugh about brian because he'll jargon away on a fake telephone but as soon as a real telephone comes out w/a real person on the other end he clams up :)

so glad to hear thane is doing so well!! i miss him!! give him hugs from he-dah :)

Melissa R said...

How nice for all of you.

Ian, now 6, just started being comfortable talking on the phone. He has talked on the phone for a few years but it was always forced, short and unhappily. He said he didn't know who he was talking to. He didn't trust that it was a voice he knew so feared it was a stranger.

But in the last few months he has been happily chatting away, even if the person on the other end doesn't always know what it is he is talking about :)