Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween at the Stable

We had no power on Sunday so we decided we might as well go out. In the next town over to the south, there was a Halloween event at a stable that someone suggested we consider as a place to get riding lessons for Thane over the winter. It was a good excuse to check the place out. It was pretty impressive and Thane had fun (Braeden did too, but it was definitely the type of thing that is geared toward the younger kids). Braeden played photographer. The first is part of the horse costume parade. The second one is Dave and Thane on the hayride.


M~O said...

So did you make / take that costume, or was it provided by the stable? That is a pretty cool get-up!!

Bec said...

Michelle -- No, we were just visitors at this one. That was someone else's work. Cute though! There was some other fun ones, but I liked the oreo and milk best.