Friday, October 10, 2008

Rosie the Horse

Thane had his last horseback riding session until spring. He is in a little show tomorrow so that he can demonstrate what he has learned, giving Daddy and Braeden a chance to see how far he has come. Neither has seen him ride since May! He's in a saddle, learning to direct the horse, and even getting to trot . . . the trotting is something he totally loves, but between the dark barn and the movement, I didn't capture a single decent image of that.

I am going to post two pictures from this week, just because I haven't featured Rosie yet. Thane has switched horses a lot during the past two months. He has handled it well, but he seems to have developed a preference for Othello, or Fello as Thane calls him. He's been paired with Lucy, Manchester, Othello, and Rosie, hopefully I am not forgetting anyone in there.

In the first picture, he's brushing Rosie. In the second one, he is carefully counting out six apple pieces to give to her.

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