Sunday, July 08, 2007


That's the number of photographs I took yesterday after getting a new camera. I finally settled on getting a Canon Digital Rebel Xti. I got a professional CompactFlash card and found that I could actually take 43 pictures rapid fire at 10.1 megapixels, so I was playing with that as the boys made faces, and as Dave had a battle of "Diego vs. Diego vs. Diego" where one Diego figure took down two others.

The disconcerting part is that I put a picture of Thane as my screen wallpaper, but that makes him larger than life. It feels like he is staring me down. I would post the picture here, but I also transitioning to a new computer, so I don't have things remotely set up yet (and I have to say I am not convinced that my $30 investment in an easy transfer cable was totally worth it as it seems to get bogged down and just stop, but for some reason my old computer doesn't feel like it should fully function on our home network). Add to that that my Blackberry and Vista don't like each other the way I want them to, and I have lost a lot of time trying to simplify my life.

But I still managed to take 686 pictures.

Braeden quote: "All prosecuters will be shot." He was trying to say, "All violators will be prosecuted," but it came out wrong!


Kimberly said...

Congrats on the new camera. I'm so jealous! What lens(es) did you end up with for it?

Hey, if you ever feel the need to get rid of one of your digitals that records video, think of me. ;)

Bec said...


I took your advice about getting the kit lens and seeing what it does. I don't think it has enough zoom for me, but maybe I should try getting halfway decent images with it before I invest in another lens? Decisions, decisions. I will probably hold off until I am sure bills are fully paid as tuition comes do in just a couple of weeks. Ouch!

I debated getting the Canon S3 since it does the video too. It would have actually been kind of nice this evening because Thane was really tooling around the pool and it was very cute. I am debating how I want to handle Braeden's performance tomorrow night -- if I should do videos or stills. I sometimes torture a friend and hand her a camera.

Did you get rid of your previous digital, or did it not do video. I have a nasty habit of just adding more cameras and then trying to leave them around for access, but Thane seems to think all cameras and phones belong on my desk (which is actually the hardest place in the house to actually find anything!!!).

Kimberly said...

Oh, I think you're getting great results so far. (I love the picture of Thane with all the floats. That is just too cute!)

I have a Tamron 70-300mm zoom lens that I use. I love that I can zoom so super close, but the lens is big and heavy which is inconvenient. It's also hard to get crisp pictures without a tripod because the lens doesn't have image stabilization. So when you go to invest in a zoom, I'd look at the 70-200mm's with IS. Not that you asked. ;)

I'm the same way about choosing video or stills. I still have my little Kodak which does video, but it records at 320 x 240 pixels which is pretty small. My lens is started to make noises upon deployment too and I've being have to "help" it come out all the way, so I think it's on it's last legs. Maybe when tax refund season rolls around I should look into an actual digital video recorder. :)

OH! At least Thane has picked a reasonable location for the cameras and phones. Bryce seems to think those sort of things belong in the vegetable crisper in the fridge. LOL!